Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some press clippings...

I just found out that I was the Featured Indie Artist on the website! Here is the interview link:
Thanks to Mallory Whitfield of for featuring me!

I also decided to Google my business name and see where else my jewelry may have received a mention and I found these two sites...'s_Bracelets

Those are my Paisley earrings in the photo above!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Etsy Spotlight

This week I am featuring my Twinkle Butterfly Pin:

This little winged friend was inspired by the fairy tale illustrations of Arthur Rackham in its muted pink and taupe palette and intricate detailing, Marie Antoinette in its pink pearls and diamond-like vintage rhinestones, and a hint of the Art Nouveau movement with the curving lines of it's wings.

From my collection of silk threads, I assembled a muted palette in pinks, taupes and dusty rose colors to crochet with. The pattern of the wings was inspired by sketches in my notebook of actual butterflies.
Once the wings were completed, I began to focus on the body of the butterfly and the pattern of beads that I would eventually stitch one-by-one onto the wings. This is the most time-consuming part of the process, a series of trial and error until I find the right placement and combination of semi-precious stones, seed beads and other embellishments for the crocheted base.

In my treasure hunts through thrift stores and yard sales, I came across a beautiful, vintage, flower-shaped rhinestone button which became the focal point of the butterfly's body. This led me to choosing more vintage rhinestones to dot the wings and provide sparkle. I decided that in keeping with the already muted colors, I would keep the rest of the beads in a monochromatic color scheme and finished the wings with naturally pink freshwater pearls, pink Swarovski crystals, and rose quartz beads. The body features vintage cream-colored glass pearls and antennae beaded with a mixture of vintage seed beads.
The back is lined with meticulously hand-stitched vintage velvet and finished off with my signature hand-embroidered label.
The butterfly is now ready to land daintily on someone's shoulder, purse, scarf, or hat...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bon Voyage, Trianon Earrings!

Voila! The custom earrings that I showed a sneak peek of last week in their finished state and ready to be shipped off to France:
How neat that a pair of earrings inspired by Marie Antoinette and the Court at Versailles should ultimately be destined for France!