Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn Adornment...

The mountains here in Vermont are adorning themselves with the most beautiful colors right now....intense shades of yellow and red and orange, with touches of summer green still visible.

And here is another sort of autumn adornment--a little butterfly, with wings that blend perfectly with the petals of these mum flowers, and the colors of fall leaves.

Right now I am seeing lots of red and black "woolie-bear" caterpillars on the roads, crossing them with determination as they do every fall. When I take a walk, I rescue them from the road and put them in the grass. I am not certain what they look like in their butterfly state, but perhaps they look like this pin...

It features wings made of silk threads of various shades of gold and pumpkin, sparkling throughout with semi-precious stones: carnelian, garnet, citrine and freshwater pearls, and vintage bronze seed beads. 
The Autumn Butterfly pin is available exclusively on my Glitter and Grunge page.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Etsy Spotlight

I've been hard at work this past week on new designs for my Etsy shop and my forthcoming Lollishops storefront. Still putting the finishing touches on the new jewelry, but they will be listed soon! I have also been working on a pair of earrings commissioned through Etsy, a variation on the Paisley Earring:

 Here is a picture of the custom earrings as a work in progress...I have also started another pair to list in my Etsy shop since they seem to be very popular. Each pair is one-of-a-kind, with different color threads and bead combinations....

Despite all this activity, I did have some time to list some new items in my store for my First Ever $50 Off Sale.  Select items in my shop are now $50 off their original price. Here is a sampling of some of the goodies on sale:

Coming Soon! I will be using my Weekly Etsy Spotlight post to not only talk about items in my Etsy shop, but will also be featuring a sampling of work from other talented Etsy artists. Check back soon for the first installment!