Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Etsy Spotlight

Yesterday, despite the rain and the cold and an ominous grey sky, I was determined to take some clear photos of my new earrings, so I bundled up and went out on my porch, camera in hand!
Before starting on the earrings, however, I paused to take this picture of a tree--its bare, delicate branches beaded with little drops of rain...

It reminded me a bit of the earrings I was about to photograph, the Ariana Earrings:

Named for the Welsh word for "silver" these earrings were created using silver-plated silk thread that just arrived from the U.K. I was so excited to receive the thread, which is very difficult to obtain in the United States, because it has a lovely shimmer to it and is very strong--plus it is the same sort of thread used in Renaissance goldwork embroidery!

I've been inspired by the intricate patterns and pure, monochromatic palette of snowflakes lately. This design, based on a vintage lace pattern, features hundreds of little glass seed beads and a starburst of quartz crystals and vintage rhinestone in its center...

The earrings have an iridescent cascade of drops with shimmering mother-of-pearl, quartz crystal and moonstone beads to finish the wintery look. They are now (finally) available in my Etsy Shop!


Wishing Everyone...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Snowflake Earrings...a sneak peek!

Well, yesterday I posted that I had finished up a new pair of snowflake-like earrings and would be listing them today on my Etsy shop...but unfortunately, when I went to take some pictures, real snowflakes got in the way! I was able to take one good photo of them in our sunny kitchen, when suddenly the sky grew very grey and there wasn't sufficient natural light to take any more pictures. So I am posting this one and will try again tomorrow. I am still deciding on a name for them--they remind me of something a fairy tale ice princess or snow fairy would wear!
Some inspiring illustrations by children's book illustrator, Edmund Dulac...

"Everything about her was white,
glistening and shining..."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Etsy Spotlight

I just posted this new design over at my Etsy Shop... 
It's very whimsical, with a little nosegay of flowers on it, all crocheted by hand, and a sprinkling of sparkling seed beads, Swarovski crystals, coral beads and amethysts.

The little drops at the bottom make it look a bit like a medal or a badge! All of the flowers were stitched by hand onto a crocheted circle. This was then applied over a wooden base and lined with vintage black velvet.
Pin it on your sweater or jacket to beat the winter blues and add a little color to your day!
I also have updated some of the photos in my Etsy shop. My fiance Ted was kind enough to take some pictures of me wearing some of my jewelry designs (including the one above of the Posie Pin). I've switched out some of the photos of necklaces laying flat in exchange for these new pics, which give a much better idea of scale, and how the necklaces drape and hang. 
Wow! Just a day after posting this, I sold the pin on Etsy--that's the fastest I've ever sold anything on there...must get to work on some more of these little cuties! Thanks to everyone who left such nice comments about it :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Finally Finished!

I've been working on these earrings in fits and starts for over a month now (those of you who follow my blog, may remember a sneak peek of them in a previous post) and have finally finished them! I'm quite pleased with how they turned out--they are very opulent and the colors remind me of peacock feathers...
Another view of them...
One of the hardest parts of the design was creating the multitude of dangles for the earrings: balancing the colors, finding the right sizes and shapes of beads to use, figuring out the correct placement, etc.  The smooth, white freshwater pearls are a nice contrast to the rich silk and gold textures of the motif...
I chose the Paisley motif not only because I am a fan of Indian and Persian Textiles, but because Paisley textiles were very  popular from the late 1700's to the 1870's in Europe (one of my favorite fashion  time periods). Incidentally, the name Paisley comes from Paisley, Scotland, which became a center for shawl production in the early 1800's...

Some European women sporting fashionable Paisley Shawls...

The earrings are now available through my Etsy Shop.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Etsy Spotlight

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on some new jewelry designs recently. I just finished them up the other day and now have them listed in my Etsy Shop!
Lately, I've been exploring combining crochet with embroidery and bead work to produce new textures, shapes and patterns. 
Here are a few examples of this new technique...
These remind me a bit of snowflakes with their soft taupe-colored silk thread and iridescent beads: moonstone, mother-of-pearl, and vintage rhinestones and bugle beads. The beads are embroidered onto crocheted pieces which are then applied over a wooden base for support and shape.
Another example of this technique, the 
This was created using the same soft taupe silk thread as the Lucia Earrings, and also features mother-of-pearl beads and vintage rhinestones. I was inspired by old, ornate pocket watches and again, snowflakes!
And these are my favorite earrings right now...
They remind me for some reason of those wonderful, intricate Victorian earrings that were all linked together and inspired by archaelogical finds...kind of Ancient Etruscan meets Baroque meets Victorian. I love the intense reds and corals, combined with the black details. The little lace star motifs on either side are also a new pattern I worked out the other day.
And thank you to everyone who left such nice comments about my recent celebrity encounter! ♥ The custom work commission hasn't been finalized yet, but the jewelry that she purchased shipped out on Saturday. I'm still amazed that my jewelry is soon going to be gracing the wrist and neck of a celebrity! I'll keep you all posted!