Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Random Prettiness...

I don't remember when or where I came across this gorgeous dress by designer Luly Yang, but the photo has been sitting on my computer's desk top for awhile...I open it up from time to time to admire it! Wouldn't it make a lovely dress for a New Year's Eve Ball?

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Bit of Sunshine for a Cloudy Day

Unfortunately, I don't have any new jewelry designs to share with you as I'm knee deep in the custom project I mentioned earlier in the week! But I did want to share with you a cheerful Treasury that I just made on Etsy,  full of bright fuschias and vibrant oranges and a touch of sky blue as an antidote to the grey and rainy weather we've been having lately...
It features the work of (from top row, left to right) :
AmourSansAnguish, LittleSparrowsNest, YummiYummi,
JenniferMorrisBeads, PeaseBlossomStudio, CricketApollo,
MaryInk, AnneJulie, Lupin,
AmberAlexander, CardsbyJenna, and KaitlynSullivan

Just like a bit of sunshine on a cloudy day however, the Treasury's beauty is fleeting and will expire in 3 days! To get a closer look, follow this link. Enjoy!

Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Official!

I just wanted to share with everyone some exciting news! Remember back when I posted that I might be doing some custom work for a well known rock star? Well, I finally got the go ahead this week to start the project--AND to reveal the singer's up-til-now secret identity....
Yes, indeed--it's Courtney Love! That's a picture of her in the current UK Elle magazine, in an ensemble that she styled herself. Not only is she a rock icon, but she has the most incredible ideas for designs, an extensive textile collection, and a real appreciation for hand-crafted items. She is coming out with a new album early next year and has asked me to make a large scale project for her to wear on tour---so I will be very busy in these upcoming weeks! However, I wanted to share with my readers an exclusive little sneak peek of the project....
Another intriguing detail in the design...
I will be sure to post photos of the finished project once it is completed...
Update: I was just included in Courtney's Hot List over on Myspace! Check it out at this link.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Treasury Trove!

I sat down to the computer today and found that I had been featured in four Treasuries simultaneously on Etsy. That is definitely a record for me! The Curators did such a lovely job that I wanted to share the links here--but hurry, the Treasury's beauty is ephemeral--it expires after 3 days!

The first one is by Tesorobella and is entitled 

I love the opulent and romantic look of this collection. My Genevieve Earrings are featured in the center of the top row.
The poetic Treasury below is by Michaela Dawn over at SkinnySwallow.  She calls it 

It features my Dauphine Necklace in the center of the third row from the top.
Ellie at 51greenwich created this quirky Treasury--

It reminds me a bit of a paperdoll's outfit, with the coat in the center and all of the accessories that complement it around it. My Monarch Butterfly pin is on the far right of the second row...
And last but not least, this sunny and sparkling Treasury by GypsyEyeJewelry called
My Trellis earrings are on the far right of the second row...
You can see more interesting showcases of other talented Etsy artists' work by visiting the Treasury section of Etsy (psst--here is the secret link to get into the experimental Treasury West too!)

Well, I have been very busy this past week but I am afraid I don't have much to post  on my blog quite yet! Those of you who visit my Etsy shop from time to time may have noticed that I recently sold a bunch of jewelry all in one day. I was fortunate enough to have the repeat business of a certain rock star and we have been going back and forth about a custom project, which I am nearly 100% certain that I will be working on! It is very large project, involving lots of hand-made lace and appliques--very exciting, but it might mean I may not be making as much jewelry in the next few weeks as I am accustomed to...I'll keep you posted as the project progresses! 

I've also been working on a custom order and a new bracelet design, which I hope to have pictures of up by this weekend :)