Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shopping List Saturday...

I just finished up Jane Austen's Emma the other night and am now onto Pride and Prejudice (plus, my wedding dress is Regency-inspired) so I obviously had Jane on the brain when I put together this little collection of items from Etsy, entitled...
(couldn't resist!)
It features:

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


emma lamb said...

thank you so much my dear for including wee 'molly' with other such beauties... most of which are already my favs!
hope you had a great weekend... :)

kerin rose said...

Ivy, I have passed on a blog award to you fabulous you!

you can grab the photo off my blog, and pass it forward if you like, when you have the time!
ox K

Mena said...

Campanha, SOU SUA FÃ!!!


Vc já ganhou esta estrelinha,
agora vou ver se ganho a minha .
Passa para os teus AMIGOS,
e ganha mais Estrelinhas também.
me manda de volta se for minha Fã.