Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Photos from the "Useful and Beautiful" Show...

As some of you may remember, a few months ago I was asked to include several of my designs in a group show in Indianapolis entitled Useful and Beautiful: A Return to Myth and Romance in Art. The show featured a variety of artists working in different mediums, all of which could be considered a modern take on the Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic. I just received some photos of the exhibit, curated by the talented Merle Pace, and wanted to share them...I think Merle did a wonderful job!
{A vignette featuring Merle Pace's "Peacock Pomegranate Queen" Doll}
{Displays showcasing my jewelry, with photos of the paintings that inspired each design }
{A view from upstairs}
{A scene in the window, with Merle Pace's "Lady of Shalott" Doll}
{Artwork by Heather Sleightholm}
{Signage showing the inspiration behind the show}
{Artwork by Julia Jeffrey}
The show was held at Big Hat Books as part of the Fall Gallery Tour and received a great review here.
Some of the designs that were in the show are now available in my Etsy Shop.


RowanDeVoe said...

Wow Ivy! What a beautiful job you did with this post! I so wish I had gotten better photos of your jewelry-I was so busy the whole time! Your gorgeous pieces really made the show sparkle and took it to a whole level of FABULOUS! It was such and honour to have so many different artists working with different mediums who each put their own spin on "Pre-Raphaelites" in this show!

Oh, and by the way, I just ran into the Art Critic, Dan, and he told me again how much he loved the show and asked me when I was doing another one with a different period of art! Fingers crossed this will happen. And, I have learned so much from this show that I think I know what I am doing this time!


Dosha said...

What an inspiring post you've left visitors to ponder! Your creations are simply magnificent. Such a warm feeling swells within my heart as I admire your work -- my grandmother taught me to crochet as a young child, and it brings back so many precious memories from my time with her. Thank you so very much.



Edera Jewelry said...

Thanks, Merle! I'm so glad you like the post! Thanks for doing such a wonderful job putting the show together :) That is such nice news about the Art Critic loving the show and asking about your next one--! Anxiously awaiting it too :)

Edera Jewelry said...

Thank you so much, Dosha, for your lovely comment--it really made my day!