Sunday, November 28, 2010


When the weather gets colder I always have the impulse to start little projects for the house-- I suppose it's the anticipation of the long winter ahead and spending more time indoors. 

I thought I'd share two projects I finished up recently. 
First, I finally framed this lovely print by Vermont artist Carol E.S. Macdonald 
{fittingly featuring a nest and two samara pods} and hung it up in our living room...
{Hope Nest, Monoprint and Etching}

I love Carol's work, especially this interesting new series based on knit patterns here.
I also finished a filet crochet pillow that I started ages ago, you might remember it from this post...
It now is all stitched up and decorated with a little snippet of vintage embroidery, mother-of-pearl buttons and two tatted lace motifs...
It goes nicely with the other crocheted pillow that I made last year and ties in with the blues and greens in our living room.
What sort of projects do you like to work on when the weather gets colder?