Monday, May 9, 2011

The Detailed Art of Yelena Bryksenkova...

Right now I am really loving the work of artist and illustrator Yelena Brysenkova. I recently came across her art on Etsy and was captivated by her use of detailed patterns and restrained color palettes in her mixed-media paintings--and of course, I love the fact that she has a series based on lace motifs!
{Lace by Marie Sedláčková-Serbousková}
From her artist biography:
"a few of my favorite things are world exploration, dashing historical men, good grammar, fancy urns, books, elephants, Persian portraiture, folklore, Japanese things, limericks, elaborate textiles, Napoleon Bonaparte, silent cinema, Russian ballet, and mysterious circumstances..."

{Zeigfield Girls, Red}
{Czech Lace}
{Moravian Lace}
More of Yelena's work can be viewed here:
{ Etsy

(All images used with kind permission from the artist.)