Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scenes from the Studio...

Lots of new work to share with you today! Recently I've been experimenting with creating new patterns and lace motifs.
This necklace was created around a stylized bow design. The pendant is adorned with dozens of tiny freshwater pearls and a sprinkling of vintage rhinestones. It will be making its way to my Wedzu shop shortly. {I also have a very cute, smaller version of this style currently in the works!}

 Several months ago I developed a lace pattern in the shape of an ivy leaf {quite appropriate} and I really wanted to explore combining the design with wire-wrapped vines on a bridal hair ornament...
{Ivy Vine Hair Comb}
The comb has lots of tiny gold lace ivy leaves embroidered with olive green vesuvianite and freshwater pearls. I think it has a very woodland/fairy tale feel to it!
I also created a pair of matching earrings, with an asymmetrical clusters of beaded lace leaves twining their way up a gold-filled chain...
{Ivy Vine Earrings}
{Mélisande Gold Lace Chandelier Earrings}
Long, dangling earrings are inspiring me at the moment, as you can see. These earrings have intricate golden lace motifs with honey yellow citrine stones and freshwater pearls.
I also recently created this silk and lace bridal hair comb with detachable veil for a lovely customer...
{Custom Bridal Hair Ornament with Silk, Lace and Pearls}
Pretty soon it will be time for me to switch gears and start looking ahead to Fall and Winter. I've already been sketching and plotting and "pinning" inspiration in anticipation of creating my new collection--looking forward to sharing more in the upcoming weeks!